The role of writing in learning

Knowledge has become more accessible through writing. Men were able to leave traces of their knowledge for their peers, thus perpetuating the thought of the individual. It has become possible to learn theoretical knowledge without a teacher and to experience it on your own.

As professionalization through learning has been dismantled, devalued, people have come to agree that education and learning should take place in a room disconnected from the reality of the world. The pen has never taken on more meaning than it does today. Not to copy, but to write, develop and innovate.

picture of man wich work with clay
Handwork with knowledge

The invention of inexpensive ballpoint pens has made it possible for everyone to learn, build, innovate and develop. Thanks to these pens, the freedom to think was given to everyone. On the contrary, this was never encouraged and we leave the pen to the sole role of assisting productivity without seeing the emancipatory potential that can arise from it.

In all areas, we owe the advances of recent years to the pen, which allows us to perform calculations that we cannot understand, to write down an idea or an appointment, allowing it to be read, reread and corrected. Our creations have always been written on a form of paper and each man has seen his knowledge deepen thanks to the work of the pen, which helps us remember century after century.

picture of flower and text
Writing with pen for love <3

However, it is inconceivable to believe that only the thought arts have been impacted by the use of the pen. Manual trades depend heavily on it and reminds us to what extent our ephemeral memory, how our vision of reality is biased and brings us back to our own human condition. We use the pen to develop our identities, our social ties and to be able to change our environment so that it is no longer a constraint on our existence on Earth for better or worse.

A simple pen has never been so important.