The pen’s place in the artistic world

The pen is positioned in the artistic world at all stages. It brings together ideas, orders actions, and is the pillar of their realization. It can also itself be the medium in which the creator chooses to express himself artistically.

Art, through its many manifestations, is the representation of the imagination of the individual, of that which he wishes to transmit through certain mediums. Among the many forms that art can take, we very often come across a fundamental element in the conception and materialization of the imagination : the pen. This tool, which is able to adapt and anchor our thought in reality and to transport it elsewhere in the world in a physical way, is essential.

picture of art with pen
Art with pen

This transition from the imaginary to reality uses the pen as a transitive medium. When making a plan, jotting down thoughts or sketches, filling space or expressing a need ; writing with a pen is still the best and most reliable way to express ourselves.

In a less theoretical way, works of art using just a simple pen do exist, with many artists choosing to use it as their main medium. Capable of making works of all sizes with a pen, the monochromatic character of the pen that can be used for juxtaposing contrast and light to create impact.

Sketch of a girl made with pen
Sketch made with pen

Today, a new door has opened with the emergence of 3D printing pens. While this technology is still in its infancy today, there is no doubt that many unborn artists will know how to use this tool as a means of expression in the future. They will go on to improve it to better meet their own needs, as we have done with all other technologies since the dawn of time.

The pen will, however, continue to accompany humanity for a long time in its evolution, its trials, tribulations and successes in order to leave a mark for future generations as we strive to preserve the traces of the past.