Pen in hand, we are making history

When men forget, the words they have written allow them to remember. They remind them of the mistakes of the past, but also allow us to provide solutions to our problems. Humans, thanks to the pen, are able to evolve.

History is made up of many ideas reported in different media and in different ways. It is each of these ideas elements put together that enables us to create a picture that forms our overall vision of history, of our era on Earth.

An infinite amount of information and elements are still missing from our reconstruction thus far of humanity’s history. Even so, humans will always try to figure out where we came from, where they are going, and will put a great deal of energy into answering all of these questions and getting answers to the many mysteries that punctuate our past.

Humans continue to write today, recounting their daily life and their day to day experiences. Taking note of the knowledge already acquired in order to improve it, we continue to advance in various aspects of research, eventually covering all fields of study. As we develop new areas of study in our research and pave the way for our next ones, we are in a state of constant evolution. All of this is done with the pen ; the passing of knowledge from one individual to another allows civilizations to move forward, and its absence opens doors to the toppling of society as we know it.

It is pen in hand that human beings find their place in history. One person’s experiences and ideas will remain present in history as long as there is someone to read about them, understand them and pass it them on. When no one will be able to decipher languages, when man will have forgotten where he came from and his heritage, a new era will have begun. History will write it from the beginning, reconnecting with its unknown past and committing errors of its own nature. Man will then condemn himself to a new cycle in which a new language, a new way of writing and a new pen will come together to tell the story of this new-old world.